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              TYEF Workshops for Schools, Camps, Counselors, and More…

              *Note: We can offer any of these workshops online via Zoom because of Covid. You and your organization or institution can also travel to Maine, and we can conduct our workshops in person under Covid social distancing guidelines.


              These workshops are designed to fit the needs of your school. We offer one and a half hour training to your teachers and staff to educate them about transgender and gender nonconforming youth and their needs. We will address all of your concerns and discuss the unique needs of your school. We have experience in educating school staff in how to best support transgender students. At the end of this session we will meet with a smaller group including transgender students, teachers, counselors and/or parents or caregivers to discuss the particular needs and concerns for a particular student. We will provide you with handouts, book lists and other resources. After the initial visit TYEF will be available to your school for any and all follow up phone consultations at no additional cost.



              Teaching Empathy and Compassion: A Workshop On Gender Diversity:

              This workshop uses handouts, discussion and videos to communicate with youth about the importance of understanding gender diversity, their gender nonconforming peers and how we can use empathy and compassion to care for, understand, and support these peers and eliminate bullying in our schools.


              This workshop covers the history of the transgender child and youth movement and of the Trans Youth Equality Foundation's work with children and families. We will discuss the needs of youth as well as the direction in which the movement is going. Information will be given Transgender 101 style so that participants will walk away with a full understanding of the issues. We will lead an open discussion to address your needs and concerns and share valuable resources for professionals or advocates to take home. An excellent workshop for any group working with youth, or involved with educational, recreational, religious or civil rights concerns.


              Transgender 101 for Schools, Professionals, Businesses, etc. Designed to meet your needs.

              Contact TYEF offices  at 207-478-4087


              TRANSGENDER CAMP FOR YOUTH. Start one.

              After over a decade of holding our popular trans camps, we are available for any person or organization to train you from A-Z to start a camp near you. More camp experiences are needed. Ask us about this.



              After over a decade of holding these groups, we are available to train you to start your own, making it easier to begin with confidence, skills and tried and true ideas. Anywhere in the country, we want to see more excellent support groups in your community. A rewarding effort for those who have the time and commitment.

              Cost of Workshops

              The cost is $800. This donation helps us to continue our work. This is for a half day visit. Full day visits are $1000. We also ask for the cost of transportation. We will provide you with the master copy of our handouts to reproduce for all participants prior to the workshop. Please feel free to ask our staff for other possible talks or workshops, we are open to discussing your needs.

              See information about our services and workshops for healthcare professionals.

              Are you interested in having TYEF do a workshop for you?

              Contact TYEF at contact@transyouthequality.org

              We will get back to you ASAP!


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