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              Updating name and gender markers is a very important step in a trans youth’s gender journey. Having documents which accurately reflect one’s deeply held sense of self can alleviate dysphoria, affirm a trans youth’s identity, and make trans youth safer. Having matching documents promotes safety because holding non-updated documents can out a trans person, potentially placing them in a dangerous and unideal situation.

               Legal Resources

              State and federal id’s and records:

              Legal support:

              Transgender youth and student rights

              • American Bar Association: Upholding the Civil Rights of Transgender Students

                This page discusses the legal, ethical, and educational imperatives for schools and educators to create learning environments which respect the rights of trans students. This page also offers practical guidance on how to foster equity and inclusivity for all students. For example, schools and educators should implement and enforce anti-bullying protections, respect student privacy under FERPA, creating ongoing professional development opportunities, foster an inclusive curriculum, and more.

              • White House Toolkit on Transgender Equality

                This landmark White House publication crucially includes guidance to schools and educators regarding how to foster an inclusive environment for trans students. This publication also details how the DoE protects trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming students. The White House makes this message clear: trans students have legal anti-discrimination protections, and schools must create welcoming and respectful environments for all students, regardless of their gender identity, sexual orientation, gender expression, or adherence to traditional concepts of masculinity and femininity.

              • Fact Sheet on U.S. Department of Education Policy Letter on Transgender Students

                A very helpful explanation of how schools are required to treat transgender students. This fact sheet details that schools must treat trans and gender diverse students as their true gender identity. It explicitly states that the Policy Letter requires that trans students have access the restroom, locker room, and facilities in line with their gender identity. It also says that schools must use the student’s correct name and pronouns, and allow them to dress in alignment with their gender.


                Crucially, this fact sheet also says that Title IX overrides anti-trans state laws. Schools that don’t respect Title IX protections can expect disciplinary action form the Dept. of Education and/or the Dept. of Justice. You can file a complaint with the Office for Civil Rights using the previous links. It is helpful to also talk about discrimination with school and district officials. Ask them about their anti-bullying and anti-discrimination policies. They’re often willing to help.

              • National Center for Transgender Equality: Know Your Rights at School

                This further explains your federal rights at school. This resource also explains in detail how to file a complaint, and the importance of talking to school and district officials about any discrimination, harassment, or bullying. Ask about your school and district anti-bullying policies.

              • Confronting Anti-LGBTQI+ Harassment in Schools - From U.S. Dept. of Justice and Dept. of Education

                ?The Biden Administration has released a very important document mandating that “discrimination against students based on their sexual orientation or gender identity is a form of sex discrimination prohibited by federal law.” This guide lays out the steps for filing complaints with the government if schools or districts fail to protect LGBTQI+ students. Please read for important details stating your legal requirements as an educator or school personnel to protect your students from discrimination and harassment.

              • Lambda Legal

                Outlines transgender rights, student rights, relevant legal cases, ways to get support, and more.

              • Transgender Law Center

                TLC’s statistics and resources for trans youth and their families.

              • National Center for Transgender Equality: Youth and Students

                Outlines the importance of schools accommodating and welcoming trans and gender diverse students. This resource also provides several helpful educational and legal links that may be of assistance for families of transgender youth.

              • Gender Identity Youth Rights by GLAD

              • Transgender Rights Project by GLAAD

              • Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Students: Your Rights At School, Federal Law

              • Sports Guidelines for Transgender Students

              A peony from the TYEF Youth Garden. A project supported by trans youth interns and the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation.

              A peony from the TYEF Youth Garden. A project supported by trans youth interns and the TransKids Purple Rainbow Foundation.

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