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              Internship Opportunities 

              At TYEF we offer several internships to individuals who are ready to work in a fast paced environment and are passionate about the rights of trans youth. TYEF is a national 501c3 non profit organization which is among one of few transgender advocacy groups that focuses on working with youth under the age of eighteen. TYEF interns work directly with our board advisors, and become an integrative part of our team. Interns at TYEF are given the opportunity to attend conferences such as the Philadelphia Trans Health Conference, direct our podcast program TransWaves which is supported by the Transgender Law Center, and attend our transformative youth retreats. We promise that your work with TYEF will provide you with an opportunity to build upon your community organizing skills, be a rewarding experience and an excellent resume builder.


              • Interns must have a passionate interest in transgender rights and activism, and youth advocacy.
              • Interns should have a complex understanding of gender identity. 
              • Must be detail oriented, organized, able to take initiative and ready to contribute creative ideas.
              • Preferably candidates should be able to commit to a year long internship. Contact TYEF about short term intensive internship opportunities. 
              • Ideal candidates would preferably be upperclassmen or completed their undergraduate degree. 

              If you are interested in applying to one of our internships, please email Susan Maasch contact@transyouthequality.org  please include a copy of your resume and a cover letter. 

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