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              College 101: A Guide to Navigating College

              Navigating the college application process is a challenge that many young adults face. Finding the right college for you can be very challenging and is a unique process for everyone. For transgender youth the application process may have some unique challenges. Here we offer several resources for any questions you may have regarding the steps to be taken as a transgender individual applying to college. 

              College and School Concerns: Here we share a list of questions to ask admissions staff to get a feel for how trans friendly their college is. 

              Navigating FAFSA and The Military Draft: If you are filling out FAFSA forms during the application process, you will want to be aware of these policies around the Military draft and how to navigate around it. 

              Campus Pride Index: The Campus Pride Index is a national LGBTQ+ benchmarking tool for colleges and universities to create safer, more inclusive campus communities. The free online tool allows prospective students to search a database of LGBTQ+ friendly campuses who have come out to improve the academic experience and quality of campus life.

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